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From Makers, for Makers.

With love.

Designed & produced in South Africa

(yes, we have a biltong maker kit)

The Core of Curious

Great STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art & Design, and Mathematics) education is vital South Africa’s future. Our mission is to create easy-to-use kits and learning material that is incredible, affordable, and accessible to the whole of South Africa. We aim to create experiences that facilitate observation and interaction with the world around us, inspire creativity, and teach thinking and problem solving skills for all ages.

In 2015, CuriousDIY started out as (our founder) Stuart’s BTech Dissertation project in Industrial Design. He took it further into a MTech dissertation which focused on creating high-quality resources and curricula that was both engaging for students and affordable for everyone.

Curious has been continually evolving ever since, becoming a whole new division of JEFA Education’s range of products and services. Currently, over 30 000 Curious kits and related curricula have made their way into many public and independent schools across Southern Africa. We are also excited to be partnered with Mindscape Education, and Curro, where Curious forms the core of the DigiEd and Online School Technology subjects.